Fourth trip to the Eastern Congo from 17 April to 1 May 2017

The goal of the trip was to establish and anchor both the project and the follow-up project of the cartoon locally. Motivated and committed employees at the grass roots level are essential for the sustainability of the project. The plan was to coordinate the interested parties by exchanging views on how to use the cartoon, rewriting it as a musical as well as providing the attached working model.

Besides the schools of Rumangabo, Rugari, as well as the institutions and free University of Goma, we also had the opportunity to travel to Bukavu on this occasion, where the heads of the Kahuzi-Biega National Park, the Lwiro National Research Centre, CRNS as well as different grass roots environmental organisations were interested in collaborating. In hindsight, we also had a one-off opportunity to ship a helpfully large number of books as cargo to Eastern Congo.

I would like to take the opportunity for a Big Thank You to all those involved for their commitment and their cooperation.

      In Rumangabo and Rugari Jean-Claude Murengezi, Director of the schools over there.

      In Goma, Bantu Lukambo Preisträger und Director von I.D.P.E. - Bakenga Akilimali Vicedirector of the Free University ULPGL - Jean- Claude Kikonde Director of Don Bosco Ngangi - Jeannot Kalinda, Director of the Belgian school Arc en Ciel - Glenn Auriel Raynor from the Jane Goodall Institute in Goma - as well as Samuel Ngango, Promotor der Künstler in Goma.

      In Bukavu Leigh Martens, Biologist of the Wildlife Observation Society, WCS - Lucien Gedéon Lokumu, Director of the Kahuzi - Biéga NP und Gloria Mwenge responsible for tourism - Jean-Marie Mushagalusa Generaldiretor of the CRNS Lwiro und Zachharie C. Kusamaba, Biologist, head of Departemenent Lwiro - Glenn Auriel Raynor from the Jane Goodall Institute in Goma - Pitt Fiston Maheshe of the Fédération des Organisations agricoles du Congo, FOPAC - Hélène Boëthius from Adult Learning and Empoverment Fund ALEF – as well as Julia Wöhrle from the Appui éducation àla Paix.

      Also a Big Thank to Judith Raupp for here always very usefull local informations and great availability, Finally a thanky you to Sarah Zingg from Moyo Fashion and Christian Shamavu from Congohounds for their assistance.





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