The Jacot Foundation supports projects and organizations that help to raise environmental awareness, ensure sustainable conservation and work to protect ecosystems that benefit both humans and wildlife. The Foundation operates mainly in foreign countries and in line with the aims mentioned above. It is independent of political, religious and ethnic affiliations. The Foundation is a non-profit, fully charitable organization.



CONGO - Dark Clouds Threaten Virunga

Éditions Slatkine, Genève
Septembre 2015
ISBN 978-2-8321-0760-7
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Current project

The Foundation’s current project is a graphic novel designed for schools in the Congo, in particular those bordering the Virunga National Park. The aim of the graphic novel,entitled ”Congo, Dark Clouds Threaten Virunga”, is to raise public awareness of the situation in Virunga National Park. The story is told from the perspective of Louis, a local boy who is confronted with poachers and criminal gangs. This graphic novel shows that preserving this impressive nature reserve is of great importance and demonstrates the crucial role played by the local community’s involvement. Some mysteries remain unsolved, but through Louis’ tremendous dedication and bravery we see that, despite obstacles, a great deal can be achieved.

Jean-Pierre Jacot

Born in Bern in 1941, married, two grown-up children. After studying medicine, I worked as a psychiatrist. Now that I am retired, I have time on my hands. I have always had an active interest in biology, nature and in drawing and painting. Over the past twenty years, I have visited Africa on several occasions and become aware of the country's natural environment as well as its numerous local problems. The sum of my experience then led to me setting up the Jacot Foundation three years ago. The primary aim of the current project is to teach children in schools about the importance of conserving the natural environment.



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